Who We Are

Anchorage Sober Living is a recovery organization in South Florida dedicated to making a difference and promoting long-term sobriety in Broward and Palm Beach County.

With hands-on interaction and real experience in successfully completing the steps towards recovery, we are confident and eager in our mission of helping sons, daughter, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers and friends alike, achieve long-term sobriety.

We provide various services assisting in the recovery and abstinence from alcohol and substances including detoxification, residential treatment, transitional care/IOP/OP and transitional living/halfway house placement.

We make every effort to guide our clients through the proper course of recovery recommended to safely end reliance on drugs and alcohol. After detoxification and treatment, we provide safe, healthy, clean and homey halfway housing environments along with the building blocks to starting a new and sober lifestyle.

In the Anchorage Sober Living houses, we treat each other like family … because that’s what we become … family. We laugh together, we cry together and more importantly, we grow together towards achieving the greatest, healthiest, happiest life we’ve ever desired.

Every day is a battle and we recognize that which is why we continue to offer ongoing support. First, clients will work through a transitional Intensive Outpatient program, and then advance towards life skills training, rent assistance, employment assistance and in-depth life coaching from the successful alumni and graduates of our programs and other programs like it.

At Anchorage Sober Living, we believe in second chances, and with your second chance, we will be committed to helping you stay anchored. We refuse to let you sink.

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