The Anchorage

“The Anchorage” is more than just a house … it’s a safe and positive place we invite you to call home.

Our newly renovated downtown Delray location features five large bedrooms, several big closets, dressers for each resident and brand new bedding. There are three full bathrooms and two large living rooms with big screen TVs, game consoles and stereo systems. The house has one large kitchen with brand new appliances and dishes, and there is tons of space throughout for storage. There is also a washer and a dryer in the garage with extra storage space for bikes, tools and more.

We really take pride in making The Anchorage tranquil and homey, and we’ve done this by furnishing the home in a fashion that helps those in recovery stay committed to their sobriety and also, feel at peace. You’ll find motivational wall art and books, candles and serene lighting, decorative plants, soft blankets, feather pillows, and several other comforting decorations and accessories to help make all the residents feel good, calm and ultimately, at home.

Call today to schedule your tour of the Anchorage Sober Living house, conveniently located off of Atlantic Avenue in downtown Delray Beach, Florida, just minutes from outdoor activities, restaurants, shops, and fitness centers, and only two miles from the beach.